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Thomas Baker (Chemicals) Pvt. Ltd. (TBCPL), a manufacturing and marketing company based in Mumbai, India.

Thomas Baker is widely known for its quality chemicals. Since its inception in 1980, TBCPL has grown phenomenally to become one of the largest brands in India to manufacture Fine Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents. It now stands tall among the International brands and holds a global presence.

  • Products


    Our product range encompasses Laboratory Chemicals, Analytical Reagents, Spectroscopy, HPLC and Gradient Grade Solvents, Biochemicals, Aminoacids, Stains & Indicators, Karl Fischer Reagent 'Aqua-NIL', Laboratory Cleaning Solutions, primarily used by Research & Development (R&D) in Government and Educational Institutes, Schools and Testing Laboratories, Industries such as Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Pigments, Dyes & Intermediates, Cosmetics & Perfumery, Minerals & Metals, Electronics, Agro Chemicals, Foods, Hospitals also use our products in fairly large volumes.

    We have recently introduced Glassware and Silicaware in our range of products, to be used in Laboratories and various areas where our chemicals find application. Besides Synthetic Dyes, we have developed for you Natural Vegetable Dyes to be used in dyeing of Textiles and Leather. In keeping with our policy of sensitivity towards environment, we have created powder colours for festivals, extracted from plants and vegetables.

  • Network


    An efficient distribution network ensures regular, on time supply to our consumers across India through our several Stock Points located in strategic cities and towns. Internationally, TBCPL has it's Stock Points in Nairobi-Kenya, Lagos-Nigeria, Muttrah-Oman, Lima-Peru, Bangkok-Thailand, Baghdad-Iraq to cater to respective and neighbouring markets.

    Quality products, Prompt Client Servicing and Competitive Prices have placed TBCPL in an enviable position.

  • Teamwork


    Quality performance is a commitment to excellence by each TBCPL employee, achieved by hard work and process of continued improvement. Our R&D Department works in tandem with the marketing team to maintain quality, cater to specific client needs and upgrade our own standards.

    For all our operations, from manufacturing to doorstep delivery, TBCPL has an efficient and dedicated team of 125+ workers; each trained in their respective field to perform at their best.

    Every product that leaves our Works undergoes stringent Quality Control tests, is packaged appropriately and delivered to the respective destination safely.

  • Headquarters


    TBCPL headquarters are located in Mumbai, the hub of the business activities in India. Our manufacturing and warehousing facilities are located on the outskirts of Mumbai, a port city, with easy domestic and international access. Contact us

  • Our Contribution to Environment

    Our Contribution to Environment

    We have made conscious effort to produce our products by adopting methods that are ecologically safe and environment friendly. Each employee has a responsibility of ensuring that our products and operations promote resource conservation at every stage of the life cycle of our products.

  • Service


    It has always been our endeavor to offer best possible service to our customers. Our wide spread distribution network gives you an easy access to all our products in India and abroad.